Contactless Pick-up

It is great that you have decided to pick a rental car when planning your holidays! At Sunny Cars we now guarantee you not only carefree driving pleasure thanks to our all-inclusive package, with our selected services you can start your well-deserved holiday even more stress-free.

Just choose Contactless Pick-up in the booking process and simply get the key for your rental car from the machine. On average, this takes less than a minute.

How do I book the service? 

Set the filter "Contactless pick-up", which you will find under Services in the vehicle selection overview. This will show you all offers that already include this option of pick-up.

For a smooth pick-up at the machine, it is necessary to complete the online registration up to 3 days before the rental in order to transfer or deposit all important data, such as ID information and driving licence, in advance. You will receive the registration link with your voucher.

Contactless pick-up and drop-off on site

When you arrive at the airport, you pick up your car key and the local rental contract directly at one of the vending machines. With your online registration you will receive your "key-n-go" booking number. You will need this and the answer to your security question at the machine, as well as your credit card to pay the deposit. With this uncomplicated pick-up method, you not only avoid queues and paperwork, but also experience a completely contact-free rental.

Of course, you can also return the car completely contactless! Simply leave the car key in the key box with our local partner. Only in the event of damage do you have to contact the rental partner's counter so that the damage report can be drawn up.

In which destinations is contactless pick-up offered? 

Contactless pick-up is currently offered at selected airports in the following countries:

Is the service not available in your holiday destination, but you still want to start your holiday as soon as possible? Then take advantage of our Fast Lane service, which we offer in over 20 destinations.

Your advantages with the contactless pick-up of your rental car: 

  • A stress-free, safe and quick pick-up & return of the rental car.
  • With online registration in advance, all the "paperwork" is eliminated.
  • No sale of additional insurances - because with Sunny Cars all services are already included.
  • Digital pick-up is always offered in six languages in all available countries.
  • And if there should ever be a technical problem, a service employee will be on hand to answer your questions.
Contactless car rental pick-up at the machine

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