Liability insurance supplement amounting to EUR 10 million

Good liability insurance is extremely important for your all-round carefree holiday. If you are ever injured in an accident, things can get really expensive. For this reason, customary third-party insurance coverage and a liability insurance supplement amounting to €10 million are included in the rental price at Sunny Cars – so you can enjoy an all-round carefree holiday!

How does the liability insurance supplement amounting to €10 million work?

If you have an accident on holiday, you may find yourself facing lengthy court proceedings and a high financial risk. As the damage for third parties in the event of an accident may be substantial, Sunny Cars has included a liability insurance supplement with an insured sum of at least €10 million in the all-round carefree package. This insured sum applies in addition to the local coverage. So you can be on the safe side for your carefree holiday!

Why is such high third-party insurance important when booking a rental car?

If you yourself are injured in an accident, the fully comprehensive insurance will cover the costs. But in the event of damage involving a third party, it is the third-party insurance that is responsible – and this can easily get expensive. In exceptional cases, the standard liability insurance may not cover part of the damage caused to the other party involved. Then you may be held personally liable – with sometimes unforeseeable financial consequences!

Book your rental car with Sunny Cars and you’ll be on the safe side! As a result of the liability insurance supplement, Sunny Cars has you covered – for all customer damage that has occurred!

With a rental car from Sunny Cars, you are choosing a holiday with an all-round carefree rental car. All necessary insurance coverage is included in the price, meaning that you don’t have to take out any additional insurance on-site.

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