Fully comprehensive insurance with refund of the excess

Whether you’re a good driver or not, your rental car can easily get scratched or dented. But that’s no reason to worry, because fully comprehensive insurance guaranteeing a refund of the excess is included in the rental price at Sunny Cars. So if unexpected damage to the rental car occurs, you will not be left stuck with the costs.

What does the fully comprehensive insurance cover?

At Sunny Cars, we know that paint damage, scratches and dents can happen more easily than anyone would like. The same applies to accidents. For this reason, fully comprehensive insurance is included as standard in our all-round carefree services. This covers all damage caused, which can easily result in high costs. With Sunny Cars, you can enjoy your holidays without any worries, because we offer you comprehensive protection.

How is the insurance excess regulated at Sunny Cars?

At Sunny Cars, we cooperate with various different global and local fleet providers. Depending on the provider and the rental car category, an excess may be charged on-site. The amount of the excess generally corresponds to the deposit for the rental car.

Information on the amount of the excess

The exact amount of the excess can be found in our rental terms and conditions. Here you can find out what the maximum retained amount is in the event of damage. We recommend reading through the rental terms and conditions carefully to ensure you are familiar with the exact conditions.

Rental cars without excess

If you wish to make a booking without an excess, we can recommend you our “no deposit” service. This means that there is no excess at all, and at the same time no credit card is needed when picking up the rental car. Please note that this is available only in selected countries and locations and until no later than 5 days before the start of the rental. You can find further information about our “no deposit” service here.

Why is a deposit necessary if the excess will be refunded?

When picking up a rental car, it is usual to pay a deposit. This deposit serves as security for the local vehicle fleet provider and allows you to use the vehicle. In return, you receive the rental car for use.

By contrast, the excess relates to the amount that you have to pay yourself in the event of damage. As part of the fully comprehensive insurance, it ensures that you share in the costs.

At many rental car providers, the deposit and the excess are treated as identical and represent the same amount. The deposit is usually equivalent to the excess. After the end of the rental period, the deposit/excess will be refunded to you or the blocked/debited amount on your credit card will be released again/credited back.

Whether it’s the deposit or the excess, this process ensures that the rental goes smoothly and provides a clear policy for rental vehicle providers and hirers. It provides certainty for both parties and establishes trust for use of the rental car.

How do I get the excess back?

Did you have to pay the excess yourself on-site? After you get back, you can easily claim it back using the online form or the link on your voucher. After checking the conditions, Sunny Cars will reimburse you for the full amount as quickly as possible. 

In a nutshell, you don’t need to worry about the excess. You can enjoy our all-round carefree service on-site. Has damage occurred? Don’t worry! When you get home, we will reimburse you for the excess already paid for the rental car.

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