Umlimited mileage for your rental car

Are you planning to travel all around on your holiday? Then you’ll soon have a good few miles on the clock! The good news is that no matter how many miles you drive with your rental car, unlimited mileage is included in every booking with Sunny Cars – so you can enjoy unlimited driving pleasure!

What does unlimited mileage mean?

With many car rental providers, there is no mileage limit for how far you can drive with your rental car. So no matter where you drive, you don’t need to worry. However, in exceptional cases only a limited number of miles may be included in the rental price. This means that if you drive further, an additional amount is charged per mile.

That’s not the case with Sunny Cars! Cars rented from us do not have any mileage limit. You can therefore enjoy an all-round carefree trip and spontaneously discover new places with your rental car every day. Whether you drive 20 miles or 2,000 miles is entirely up to you!

Are additional fees charged for rental with unlimited mileage?

Absolutely not! Unlimited mileage is included free of charge in our all-round carefree package – whatever the destination where you pick up your rental car. With a rental car from Sunny Cars, you are well looked after and fully protected!

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited mileage with Sunny Cars!

With a rental car from Sunny Cars, you can be sure that you can drive as far as you like with your rental car without having to worry about additional costs. All the sights and the most beautiful sandy beaches are out there waiting for you! Just one small piece of advice: keep an eye on your fuel gauge, since at some point the car will run out of fuel.

Have we convinced you?

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