Fuel policy: ‘return as on pick-up’

Sunny Cars stands for transparency and customer satisfaction. For this reason, the fuel policy ‘return as on pick-up’, which is often specified as full/full, is included with us in many places. Under this policy, you return the rental car with the same amount of fuel as when you picked it up. This means that you avoid expensive fuel surcharges on-site and always know where you stand.

Fuel policy in the rental contract: with Sunny Cars, you get clarity right from the start

All relevant information on the rental car you have booked, including the fuel policy, can be found in the rental contract. With the policy ‘return as on pick-up’, you have the advantage that it can be noted in the contract if the tank is only half-full on collection. This means you can be certain that you will also be able to return the rental car with a half-full tank. As an addition recommendation: always take a photo of the fuel gauge before you start driving so as to avoid any misunderstandings.

What if different fuel policies are offered on-site?

Don’t be put off if different fuel policies are offered on-site. With your rental car from Sunny Cars, you can enjoy an all-round carefree holiday. The ‘return as on pick-up’ policy is fair and is accepted by all providers on-site. 

The advantage is that in contrast to the full/empty policy that often applies elsewhere, there is no additional service charge for you with ‘return as on pick-up’. With all-round carefree services from Sunny Cars, you can save yourself this – literally!

Further information on the fuel policy

For further information on the fuel policy and its details, please visit our website. Via the following link, you can find detailed information about the fuel policy and how we at Sunny Cars ensure that you get a fair and transparent fuel policy for your rental car.

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