Payment options with Sunny Cars – secure and convenient payment

With Sunny Cars, you book your rental car on an all-round carefree basis – and that also applies to the payment methods we offer. We want to offer you a convenient and, above all, secure booking process right from the start. We have therefore implemented state-of-the-art SSL encryption for your online booking so as to ensure the greatest possible security. You can simply select your preferred payment type from among the options provided.

What payment options are available?

The following payment options are available to you with Sunny Cars:

After completing your rental car booking, you have the option to send us your payment data in an encrypted form using a secure link. At this point, you can change the selected payment method again.

Once you have sent us the payment data, only your authorisation of the payment is required still.

Good to know: bookings with Sunny Cars are 100% secured thanks to the securing of customer funds by our partner SGR (Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden).

Purchase on account

Sunny Cars Purchase on account

When you purchase on account, you do not send any payment data to us. After you have completed your rental car booking, you will receive an invoice from us by e-mail. You can settle the invoice amount conveniently by bank transfer. Simply use your online banking or personally instruct your bank to make the payment.


Sunny Cars SEPA-debit

When you pay by SEPA direct debit, you save yourself the hassle of entering transfer details and instead let your bank handle processing. In granting us a direct debit mandate, you consent to us collecting the outstanding amount from the account you have specified. Your payment data is transmitted in an encrypted form via a secure link.

Credit Card

Sunny Cars Credit Card

We accept credit cards from Visa, Mastercard or American Express for the rental car booking. For the transmission of your payment data, we use a secure form accessed via an encrypted link. This special encryption ensures a fast and secure payment transaction. For credit card payments, we also use two-factor authentication to ensure the best possible protection for your transactions.


Sunny Cars PayPal

The payment is processed conveniently via your PayPal account, where you have saved your payment data. The special encryption of your data ensures a secure and rapid payment transaction. PayPal is an online payment method that offers additional protection through the use of two-factor authentication.

When is the payment made?

If you choose the option of purchase on account, you simply transfer the outstanding invoice amount to the bank account specified on your invoice. You decide when to make the payment, but it must be no later than 14 days before the rental.

If paying by SEPA direct debit, the outstanding amount will automatically be collected from your specified account 14 days before the rental – you don’t need to take any further action.

If paying by credit card or PayPal, you can authorise the amount immediately after your rental car booking. In the invoice e-mail you will find a link for payment, which you simply click on to start the payment process. Please note that the payment must be approved no later than 14 days before the rental. The amount will be collected within the next seven days after authorisation is granted.

You thus have complete flexibility to choose the payment method that suits you and pay for your rental car straightforwardly – this is what our all-round carefree package is all about.

How is the deposit regulated?

For the deposit, a credit card (with a PIN code) in the name of the main driver is usually saved. Any exceptions are described in the specific rental terms and conditions for the selected rental car.

Sunny Cars tip: With our selectable No deposit service or the option of a cash deposit, collection without a credit card is possible.

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