Refund in the event of damage to the glass, roof, tyres and underbody, including sump and clutch

Your holiday is going smoothly until a falling stone or a flat tyre interrupts your drive? This can easily happen and is no reason to worry. After all, with Sunny Cars you book your rental car along with an all-round carefree package. While we reimburse you for the costs arising from damage to the glass, roof, tyres or underbody, including the oil sump and clutch, you can sit back and relax as you look back on a nice holiday. Find out here exactly how our protection works and what you can do in the event of damage.

Everything covered: Protection against damage to the glass, roof, tyres and underbody, including the sump and clutch!

Unforeseen events such as a falling stone or low-hanging branches can result in damage to your rental car. But our all-round carefree package offers you optimal coverage. From scratches on the roof, to chipped glass caused by falling stones, to a flat tyre or damage to the underbody – with us, you enjoy comprehensive protection. Further details of our insurance coverage can be found in our rental terms and conditions.

Protection in the event of glass damage

A chip or crack in the windscreen can happen at any time, even if you are just heading out for a relaxing day on the beach. But if you notice damage like this, you don’t have to worry about additional costs. Report the damage to the local vehicle fleet provider as quickly as possible to document the incident. Thanks to our all-round carefree service, you will not be left with any additional costs, as the damage is covered with us.

Damage to the rental car’s tyres

A flat or burst tyre while driving? Of course, we hope this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does then you don’t have to worry about the cost. First try to change the tyre yourself, then look for a garage. If the tyre change is not successful, contact your vehicle fleet provider’s breakdown service; the contact details can be found on your voucher. Keep the receipt from the garage so that we can reimburse you for any costs incurred.

Damage to the rental car’s underbody, including damage to the sump and clutch

In the event of damage to the rental car’s underbody, you can also rest assured that this is included in our all-round carefree package. So you can enjoy your drive through the Scottish highlands or the national parks of South Africa without having to slam on the brakes every time you come across a pothole. We will handle the reimbursement of possible costs for damage.

Damage to the rental car’s roof

Low-hanging branches on an idyllic avenue in Tuscany or a sudden hailstorm in Iceland – the roof of your rental car can easily be damaged. But don’t let this spoil your holiday mood! With Sunny Cars, protection for damage like this is also included in your booking. Simply enjoy your holiday!

What should you do if you discover damage to the windows, tyres, floor or roof of the rental car?

First of all, stay calm. Things like this can happen! All costs incurred for such damage are covered with Sunny Cars. Report the exact damage to the local fleet provider – if you can’t reach them, then our rental car experts are there for you.

Please note that to guarantee an all-round carefree drive and avoid any damage, we recommend that you inform yourself before and during your trip about the current conditions, such as closed roads and weather warnings in the country you are visiting.

Have you had to pay the sum for damage to the rental car yourself on-site? Don’t worry, we will reimburse you for this! With us, it’s very easy to submit your claim: Fill in the form, upload the necessary documents, attach photos as far as possible, and you’re done! After completing our review, we will ensure that the sum is back in your bank account as quickly as possible. That’s the Sunny Cars all-round carefree package.

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