Refund of towing costs for rental cars

It is annoying, but sometimes it can happen that your rental car needs to be towed due to damage. Don’t worry, though – at Sunny Cars, we will refund you the towing costs in the event of damage or a technical defect, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Are towing costs included at Sunny Cars?

At Sunny Cars, we always offer you an all-round carefree package for your rental car that also includes towing costs. So if your car won’t start or has a breakdown, you don’t need to worry about this.

What if your rental car gets a flat tyre?

If you get a flat tyre, you can of course try to change the tyre yourself. If you do so successfully, you can be back on the road again quickly and the rental car won’t need to be towed.

But what can you do if the damage is too serious or if changing the tyre yourself isn’t an option for you? We would ask you to contact the local vehicle fleet provider directly to have the rental car towed. You will find the contact details on your voucher. The good news is that we will refund you any towing costs as quickly as possible.

How to get the refund for towing costs

It is very easy to claim back the towing costs from us. Simply fill in the following form and add photos of the damage as well as necessary documents such as your credit card statement, the invoice, the local rental contract and the local vehicle fleet provider’s damage report (if available).

Incidentally, did you know that we also cover the costs for the loss of or damage to vehicle keys and documents? At Sunny Cars, you can book your rental car without any worries and rely on our dependable service.

Have we convinced you?

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