What do I do if the rental car gets damaged?

A rental car from Sunny Cars is supposed to be fun – all the time! We do our best to make this happen every day: starting from when the rental car is booked, picked up and until it is returned, we would like for everything to go smoothly. Even if the car gets damaged. We won’t leave you with the costs incurred for your deductible; instead, we will reimburse you for these in full.

Rental car damaged – what now?

  • First of all, stay calm! A damaged rental car is no reason to worry, because Sunny Cars offers you all-round protection.
  • It is essential that you take photos of the damage. You have to send them to us in order to be refunded for your deductible.
  • Call the police if this is required according to the Special Terms and Conditions of Rental (which you can find in your documents). If the police do not come, please go to the nearest police station (if you can still drive your rental car).
  • Inform the vehicle fleet provider (the phone number can be found in your lease), and have them issue a damage report. Sign the damage report at the station, and ask the local provider for a copy
  • If your car can no longer be used, ask the local vehicle fleet provider for a replacement car, or contact us

Important: When you hand over the vehicle, some or all of your deposit will now be retained on account of the damage. This will be returned to you after you submit your complete documents.

To do so, you can quickly and easily fill out our online application form and upload the following documents:
the damage report to be produced by the local vehicle fleet provider

  • the police report (if any)
  • the lease agreement entered into with the local vehicle fleet provider or a copy of it
  • proof of the payment made at the site (credit card invoice or receipt if paid in cash)
  • photos of the damage
  • your address and bank details for the refund (IBAN and BIC)

You have to pay on-the-spot fines yourself

Please note: Penalty notices or costs incurred for improper driving or disobeying traffic regulations, etc. will not be refunded. If you violate traffic laws in another country while driving your rental car, you yourself must pay any charges incurred. In most cases, you will be notified of the fine by your local vehicle fleet provider. The local vehicle fleet provider will then also typically charge an administration fee for each fine notice. If you are sent three tickets for driving too fast, for example, you will be charged the administration fee three times. You will be sent the original fine notice by the competent local authorities; you may have to clear the matter with them as well. Unfortunately Sunny Cars cannot assist you with this.