Data protection information on online advertising

Description and scope of data processing

This data protection information informs you of how we handle personal data which you transmit to us in the course of your application by email, upload or by post. When applying by email, please bear in mind that, depending on the settings of your mail server, your data may be transmitted without encryption.

This careers website is operated by Sunny Cars GmbH and GmbH together within the meaning of Article 26 GDPR.

Direct contact

Our careers site allows you to contact the careers department (“contact”). The personal data which you provide us with in the course of your application is only used for the application process .

This data will not be processed for any other purpose or passed on to third parties.

Learn more about the processing of data entered when making contact electronically

We process the following data:

  • Email address
  • Application documents
  • First and last name
  • Telephone number

The HR department will view your applicant data after we receive your application. Suitable applications will then be forwarded internally to the responsible person for the relevant open position within the department. Your data is generally only accessible to persons within the company who require it so that our application process can run smoothly.

Legal basis for data processing

The legal basis for the processing of the data is Article 88 GDPR in connection with section 26 (1) clause 1 BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) 2018. Personal data may be processed if this is necessary in order to decide on the justification for an employment relationship.

Should data be necessary for prosecution after the application process has been completed, data may be processed on the basis of the requirements of Article 6 GDPR, especially in order to safeguard legitimate interests according to Article 6(1)(f) GDPR. Our interest then lies in the assertion of or defence from claims.

Purpose of data processing

In the course of your application we only use data which comes directly and personally from you (details from the application) and use these exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the selection procedure and to occupy the advertised position. We do not carry out any other research on you, e.g. using search engines or on social media.

Duration of storage

Unless we have agreed a longer period with your consent, your application documents will be deleted no more than six months after the application process has been completed. This applies equally to written and electronic applications.

If you consent to longer storage in our applicant pool, the data will be deleted after two years have gone by.

Should you be awarded a position in the application process, the data from the applicant data system will be brought across into our HR information system.

Right to object and right to rectification

This careers website is operated by Sunny Cars GmbH and GmbH together within the meaning of Article 26 GDPR. You can find basic information on data protection, and especially on your rights as a data subject, in the data protection statements of Sunny Cars GmbH and GmbH.

Of course, it is possible to withdraw applications. If you do this, we will immediately delete all associated data, unless a storage period prescribed by law prevents this.