Data protection information on commenting on our blog

Description and scope of data processing


On our website we run a public blog with articles on various topics. Readers can leave comments on individual blog posts.

The following data is collected when you post a comment:

  • Pseudonym (user name given)
  • Date and time of the comment
  • The user’s IP address
  • Email address

Legal basis for data processing

The legal basis for the processing of data transmitted when posting a comment is Article 6(1)(f) GDPR.

Purpose of data processing

The purpose is to give you a change to comment on our blog.

The storage of the commenter’s IP address and the processing of his or her personal data serve to prevent abuse of the service.

Duration of storage

The IP address collected when you comment is generally deleted after a period of sixty days, unless it must be retained for evidence purposes.

Right to object and right to rectification

If a user wishes to delete a comment, we can carry this out.