Car rental without a deposit

Would you like to rent a car and not have to worry about leaving a deposit with the local vehicle fleet provider? No problem – with our new ‘No Deposit package’ (= rent a car without a deposit).

You can now book our ‘No Deposit package’ for the Balearic and Canary Islands, Greece and Croatia, Spain and Portugal!

With this package, you do not have to leave a deposit for your rental car with the local rental car fleet provider at the pick-up point. In other words: You do not need to own a credit card to rent a car.

For this package, please note:
  • You must book at least 5 days before the pick-up date and
  • You will have to register online, in advance. You will receive the relevant link for registration together with your travel documents..
You can book our 'No Deposit Package' for the following destinations: